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Indoor Activities

“Having a pleasant time can extend a long period of time to have a fun time.”

Dance - Bhavani

The Bharathanatyam style of dance is taught after school hours by Mrs.Bhavani.S.

Karate - Muthu

The Japan Shito Ryu style of Karate is taught by Black Belt II Dan D.Muthu. It has an active enrollment of boys and girls.

Table Tennis - Vanitha

This coaching is available thrice a week for classes 3 and above. The training is given by game expert Ms. Vanitha, EX-TN Team.

Chess - Suresh, Bala

FIDE certified Trainer Mr. A Suresh Kumar of 64 Squares Chess Academy conducts Chess classes. Theory is taught along with techniques.

Outdoor Activities

"We don't stop playing because we are old, we grow old because we stop playing."

Silambam - Muthu

A traditional Self defence form from Tamil Nadu is also taught by D.Muthu.

Skating - Shamir Danish

Mr.Shamir Danish coaches the students.This coaching is available thrice a week.

Volley Ball - Minu Lakshmi

Volley Ball coaching is held thrice a week by Mr.P.Madhan Raj, Kancheepuram District Coachers Co-ordinator. A brand new court has been made  for this purpose.

Foot Ball - Jayaraman

This coaching is available twice a week for classes 6 and above. The training is given by game experts Mr.Amalraj Premkumar.S. and A Jayaram

Basket Ball - APS

This coaching is available thrice a week. The training is given by  game expert Mr.Richard Dominic and Ms.Steffi Salomi.

Cricket - Sudharsan

Mr.Paul Samuel of Dream Team cricket academy at  Mannivakkam coaches our students in cricket nets at the primary campus thrice a week.

Archery - Louli Samuel

​S.N. Samuel Lovely Sundar coaches our students in archery twice a week.