The year commenced with much excitement among staff and students alike, due to the considerable expansion of the school.Not only did we increase in size, we also increased in numbers.

A brand new state of the art campus was added and classes 6 to 12 were shifted there. The year has been one of consolidation and expansion in many ways. Apart from the buildings, we have added a plethora of curricular and extracurricular activities. All our usual year - long festivities were conducted with zest, except for the Primary School Day where the students were enthusiastic and co-operative, but not Nature! Vardha and unseasonable rains, both played havoc before and during the function.

Teacher training's went off well all through the year. Many teachers have added new degrees to their names. Congratulations!!

Exams, tests, excursions, carnival, clean up campaigns, inter class competitions,Olympiads, clubs et al. All done and wrapped up for the year. We are now geared up for the start of Academic Year 2017-'18 with a brand new system of assessment and academic calendar.Praying that the predicted heat wave will not disrupt our schedule, here's wishing all of us a happy new AY 2017-18.