Fee payment window will remain opened from 29/05/2020.
Online classes will resume from 01/06/2020 for classes 1 to 10 and 12.

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Value Education

The school, in keeping with its vision has included ‘Value Education’ as part of its activities. 

Values are imparted  as per the prescribed curriculum in the form of stories, skits, activities and discussions.


All classrooms and labs are equipped with smart boards making classes interactive and engaging.


State of the Art Laboratory Facilities for Physics, Chemistry and Biology aid in teaching concepts through Practical lessons.

Play Ground

Vast play areas are available for play. The KG has its own sand pit which doubles up as assessment area for Gross Motor Skills.

AV Hall

2 fully equipped AV rooms with LCD projector and multimedia computer is available for use for AV- aided classes and Club activities.. They have a seating capacity of 75 each and is equipped with A/C.

Special Education 

The school has a Center for Learning Disabilities which is operational during school hours.

Student Counsellor

A trained student counselor is available on the premises for individual & group counseling.


A Library each for primary and high school with a total of 14500 books.

Science Park

A Learn by doing science park focusing
on physics concept

Arts Room

Two Arts rooms available for Arts and Crafts.
Language Lab
Maths Lab
Computer Science Lab
Physics Lab
Bio Lab
Chemistry Lab
Quest Lab
Language Lab


 Deals in a variety of audio CDs and books to suit ages 3+ to 12+ for reading and listening. They also have CD players with multiple headphones. Special focus on ESL is done when required through story books.  Encyclopedia Britannica is installed in all the computers present in the English Labs.

Maths Lab


2 state-of-the-art math labs with computers, AV unit with Smart Board and hands on lab material are used for math related activities. NIIT has contributed to the math labs set - up. Classes are conducted in air conditioned comfort! The Math labs also have Geometric  Sketch pads for use in physics classes.

Computer Science Lab

Computer Science

Work experience is being imparted in the form of a structured, student-friendly, innovative curriculum in air-conditioned comfort. Two labs have been provided for use by the students. The senior lab also supports work related to the syllabus for classes 11 & 12.

Physics Lab


Bio Lab


Chemistry Lab


Quest Lab


2 Quest labs are the activity center for science classes. Students have hands on experiences of practical skills based on concepts taught.

NLP Activity

A new NLP activity area in our Primary School initiated to hone Gross Motor Skills of our students.