A small video of Basketball Extra-Curricular coaching: Basketball Video

Dance: The Bharathanatyam style of dance is taught after school hours by Mrs.Bhavani.S.

Classical Carnatic Vocal Music: An Akash Vani Awardee and ex member of Madras Youth Choir, Ms. Prabha Anand has trained under prominent musicians in Chennai including Seetharama Sarma and Ms. Suganya Jayaraman.

Karate: The Japan Shito Ryu style of Karate is taught by Black Belt II Dan D.Muthu. It has an active enrolment of boys and girls.

Silambam, a traditional Self defence form from Tamil Nadu is also taught by D.Muthu.

Chess: FIDE certified Trainer Mr. A Suresh Kumar of 64 Squares Chess Academy conducts Chess classes.Theory is taught along with playing techniques.

Skating:  Mr.Shamir Danish coaches the students.This coaching is available thrice a week.

Shloka: Mr.Raman conducts Shloka classes twice in a week.

Volley Ball: Volley Ball coaching is held thrice a week by Mr.Baranidharan.D and Mr.Amalraj Premkumar.S, our PT master. A brand new court has been made for this purpose.

Table Tennis:  This coaching is available thrice a week for classes 3 and above. The training is given by game expert Ms. Vanitha, EX-TN Team. A brand new indoor TT area has been set up for this purpose.

Basket Ball:  This coaching is available thrice a week. The training is given by game expert Mr.Saloman Manimozhi.

Football:  This coaching is available twice a week for classes 6 and above. The training is given by game expert Mr.Amalraj Premkumar.S.

Scouts and Guides:  This coaching is available on first and third saturdays for classes 6 and 8. The training is given by Mr.Amalraj Premkumar.S. and Mr.K.G.Ramachandran.

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