Annual Events...

School Day: An event that is meant to showcase the talents of children in the form of fine arts and dramatics. Maximum participation and team work are the main areas of focus on the School Day.

Sports Day: This event allows for display of physical abilities on the sports field. Groups as well as individual events are conducted over a 15 day window which culminates on Sports Day.

Project Day: A much awaited day, the Project Day showcases a series of charts, models and displays. It gives the students an opportunity to learn non-textual topics to his/her own capability. It also develops a sense of achievement in the child, apart from enhancing the level of self-confidence to speak to an unknown audience. The project work often includes a field visit or two. Usually, the Project Topic is fixed in advance and all classes work on this topic according to age and capacity.

Excursions: All classes are taken out on excursions to local places of interest once annually. Field trips are undertaken as and when required.

Annual clubs day: An event where students come together to celebrate and showcase the learning's from various clubs viz., Nature Club, Literary & Dramatics Club,    Heritage Club, Learning Arts Club & Math Club.

VME Carnival: A day of fun and frolic with games, food & Hand made crafts galore.

The school has club activities on Saturdays - Nature Club, Literary & Dramatics Club, Heritage Club, Arts Club, Math Club and Quiz club are in action this year.

Apart from this the students celebrate National & religious festivals .

Sanskriti: A two-day inter class extravaganza where students pitch their skills in various onstage and off stage events.

Interhouse Dramatics: An opportunity given to students to script,direct,enact and showcase their dramatic talents.

Prize Day: A day to celebrate and applaud the high achievers of board going classes.


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