Annual Sports Day(Primary)
In Primary Sports day, Koushiic Padmanabhan of class V-C and Bhargavi.S of class V-B have won the overall championship award for the year 2016-2017.

Annual Sports Day(High School)
In High School Sports day, KAILASH house won the overall championship for the year 2016-2017.
Annual SportsDay 2016

Annual Day
The 7th High School Annual day was celebrated on 29th July 2016.
Annual Day 2016

Sanskrithi - 2016

Project Day

Vidya Mandir @Estancia, celebrated its 8th Project Day on Saturday, the 12th of November. This year's theme was 'Utsav2016'.

Students displayed colourful charts, Power Point Presentations and models on various festivals celebrated across the world. Parents and visitors were awestruck by the variety and the sheer beauty of the displays as well as the eloquent explanations given by the students for their displays.

"All our projects, including the ones done as class activities are made with eco - friendly materials easily available at home. Furthermore, all the displays are made only during school hours and with minimum guidance by teachers, to bring out the Students' talents. Their fine and gross motor skills, creativity, dexterity with simple tools and depth of research were ably depicted during the project display! ", said Principal Smt.Maheshwari Natarajan.

Gallery - Project Day 2016

Carnival 2016-2017

'Gala,Glitz Glamour' describes the carnival. February 18th dawned with a bright sunrise marking the special day. Lively music,Radiant faces ,the encouragement of PTA team and above all a special mention to our sponsors made the carnival a success. The day ended fruitfully with the overwhelming participation of the students.The fun and frolic they had and the smiles on their faces made the efforts of the PTA and the teachers worthwhile.The Carnival was a 'treasure of pleasure beyond measure .

WIMUN 2016-2017 A report